I was talking to a friend of mine in my room and suddenly heard a loud, repeated beeping sound. My friend informs me this is a public alarm on the TV so we rush to check what it is about.

It could be anything – an industrial fire or a missing person (or an air raid as Russia attacks Finland) – but this time it was about a bear family taking their evening stroll too close to an inhabited area.

My reaction was to laugh. It was a good reminder that Finland is 70% wilderness (I just made that up).

Whilst we don’t actually have polar bears, bears of the regular kind have taken a liking to the Finnish forests. Wolves also make regular appearances and annoy sheep farmers.

I once ran away screaming from the beach when I saw a seamonster emerging – it later turned out to be a moose.

When we were driving around Lapland, one city centre had a pack of reindeers gathered outside a sports store. It appeared to be a very commonplace occurrence.

You ¬†just can’t escape nature in Finland – it’s everywhere.