Finns, impervious to cold

One thing everybody knows about Finland is that it’s cold. And our tales of -30 degrees and meters of snow don’t obviously help.

Practically t-shirt weather in Finland

But whenever I’m abroad and happen to mention that it’s a bit chilly outside I usually get a mean look. Some Greek (there are always Greek people around me for some reason, stop following me!) person will then say something along the lines of: “You’re from Finland, you’re not allowed to feel cold!”

I have sometimes explained how Finns feel the cold just the same as everyone else but when it’s really cold outside, one tends to wear warmer clothes.

But then I realised nobody really cares and I should just suck it up and never complain about it being too cold.

Just wait until it gets hot – I’ve got 8 month’s worth of weather related complaints bottled up.