Trust issues

Finns have major trust issues; we have to trust everyone. If Finns inhabited state of nature, Locke would have won that bet against Hobbes.

We’re taugh to trust each others. Doors can go unlocked without anyone worrying about it. I’ve even had a guy asking me to look after his baby while he went to get coffee, which I did and he got his coffee.

While times are changing and we do tend to lock our possessions these days, there are remnants of this trust and modesty still left in the national psyche.

For example, YLE reported on people being ashamed of hiding their pin codes when they’re paying with a credit card. It would be a sign of mistrust to the people standing next to you if you have to protect your pin code you see.

It’s a delicate balance of power – fighting the urge to mistrust people but trying to look like you do. The invisible cold war of values.