The reason why we're paler than the Swedes?

Prior to moving abroad I thought there was nothing weird about drinking milk.

It’s only when my sister’s Belgian friends came over and were shocked by her drinking milk with her dinner that I found out that the rest of the world thinks of milk as purely a breakfast beverage.

Finns drink a lot of milk. All the time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having pancakes or cabbage casserole, milk will be everyone’s first choice of drink.

Our love of milk extends to all kinds of dairy products. One of the first things I always do is go and stand by the dairy aisle and marvel at the wonderful selection of milk, yoghurts, creme fraiches, sour creams etc.

The beauty of all of this is of course that I’m lactose intolerant. But in Finland there’s a massive selection of low-lactose dairy products. Nothing will stop us.

My theory is that milk is one reason why Finns as a nation are so tall and… sturdy.


Finnish cuisine

Like a good fashion accessory, boiled potatoes go with everything

Behold, the Finnish national dish: boiled potatoes.

Well, I suppose there are other more elaborate dishes out there but I’m all about keeping it real. What I always ate as a child was boiled potatoes with something.

I was convinced for the longest time that Finns actually invented the potato.

You would imagine that I would have developed some sort of resentment for it but the one thing I always craved for on returning from the UK is potatoes. None of those saggy chips for me, I wanted a lovely big pot of freshly boiled new potatoes. With dill. And Baltic herring.

Proper hermit food.