Finland on facebook

I’ve mentioned before that Finns prefer to handle their business online. Everybody uses online banking, all social benefits are applied online, you file your tax report online…

So it makes sense we’ve moved our socialising online as well, which is why everyone’s on facebook.

By everyone I mean everyone. My mom and my dad. My aunts. My cousins. My cousins’ children. Essentially everyone in my family under 70 and over 10.

I joined facebook in 2006, as soon as Newcastle Uni was allowed to. It was a university thing. I had a few party pictures, I cracked jokes.

Now I can’t put up a status without my mom liking or commenting it. My aunts will comment on pictures or ask me for translations of what I’ve just written. My dad will leave an awkwardly formal message on my wall. My godmother – also my optician – let me know about my test results via a facebook message.

I get it when Mark Zuckerberg said that theĀ age of privacy is over. It truly is but don’t worry about facebook, Google or the CIA hacking your account – it’s the Finnish relatives you need be wary of.

(Hi mom, love you!)