Honk your horn if…

Traffic in Brussels is a novel experience for a little Finn like me.

I probably wouldn’t even know how to use the car horn. But that’s not a problem the Bruxellois drivers share.

I haven’t quite figured out the reasons behind all the honkings. Some are apparently expressing their anger over bad driving. Some for having to wait at traffic lights. Some for seeing a foreign car license plate. If you feel like honking, go for it.

In Finland, however, don’t – ¬†unless somebody is literally trying to run over you. It’s considered extremely rude you see. Rude hand gestures are a no-no as well. You can, of course, say a rude word or two by yourself but that’s about as emotional as you’re allowed to get.

A good swear word to use at all occasions is perkele, despite what the Norwegians say…