Finland – world’s best at self-validation

Did you know that Finland has the best schools in the world?

Or that we’re one of the few governments to have a long tradition of rainbow governments combined with economic stability?

No? Well you’re excused if you’re not Finnish.

The thing is, Finns are absolutely obsessed with all kinds of statistics which prove that people outside our borders know that we exist, something I touched upon in my first post.

This is why you’ve probably already seen the latest Newsweek rating of the best countries in the world if you have a Finnish friend on facebook. Finland came on top you see.

All tables and rankings like this are a source of national pride. Or a government plot to make us forget that the country is inhabitable during winters.

We even get excited when someone speaks Finnish in TV shows or movies. Did you know that they used Finnish as a secret language in Charlie’s Angels? Or that Jim Parsons’ character was learning Finnish in the Big Bang Theory?

Well all the Finns do, even if they’ve never seen it themself.

And of course, we all love Conan O’Brien. We’d probably elect him as our president if given the chance.

Conan loves Finland too

EDIT 7/1/2012: The latest internet fad about Finland going around in facebook is the New York Times’ article about places to visit in 2012. Finland is #2. It was top news on YLE and everyone’s putting it on their walls as a reason to visit Finland.

We should get paid for the amount of promotion we do…