My name is Mia. After graduating high school I decided to leave my country of birth and headed to the UK, then Denmark, the Netherlands, back to the UK and finally Belgium.

Having spent all of my adult life abroad, Finland seems a bit strange. After all, it’s mainly just trees and lakes. And I think that’s getting to them – these people sometimes seem like hermits let loose.

There’s just something about Finland and its weird and wonderful people that keeps drawing me back. There’s also something about my delightful homeland that makes observing it from a distance very appealing.

Many have preceded me in celebrating this remote corner of Europe. But I’m all about keeping it real. We overdose on potatoes, listen to music so melancholic that it would make most people reach for their anti-depressants and yes, we wear Crocs.

Lets make an aria about that.


2 thoughts on “Who?

  1. moro… sinähän oot päässy tosi pitkälle elämässäs 🙂 hienoa nähdä tollasta…. miten muuten menee? asustatko ihan ulkomailla nykyään vai vielä suomessa?

  2. My mother’s family, the Koskinen’s (as well as Korpi, Ristimaki, Nyman and Niemi), came from Isokyrö, Finland. I grew up going up north, to upper peninsula Michigan in the U.S., to visit my Finnish family–which included many trips to the sauna. Unfortunately, most of the Finn’s have passed on since, but I’ve always been fascinated by their incredible strength, courage and Finnish pride. I found your honesty in your posts refreshing. It’s hard to find much on Finland on the internet other than straight facts or stereotypes. Although, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe the stereotype that Finn’s aren’t “talkers,” this post is already too wordy and sharing for me…

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