Travelling Finns

Finns are a travelling bunch. We tend to think nothing of going on a boat to Estonia and Sweden, it’s becoming an annual tradition for quite a few people. And because of our long, cold winters, we occasionally feel an overwhelming need to see the sun and migrate to south.

In fact, statistically speaking, we have more trips abroad than we have people in the country.  According to Statistics Finland, we had more than 7 800 000 trips abroad in 2012. That’s just leisure travel, excluding business trips. That’s 143% of our population. Even if you only include overnight trips abroad, it’s still 107%.

Compare this to the UK. With a population of about 63 182 000 people, they had 49 582 000 trips abroad last year (excluding business travel). That’s 78% of their population.

So safe to say, most Finns travel. I mean, my travel can at max account for 1%. 😉

This got me thinking, could there be a correlation between travel and language skills data? Something I need to look into…

In the meanwhile, greetings from London!

View over London skyline from Whitechapel

View over London skyline from Whitechapel


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