Finland – the branded version

Finland has done a mighty fine job recently in pulling positive press. Mostly it’s related to the story about the maternity boxes BBC Magazine made.

That got huge press, I just stumbled on a press clipping from Canada. So we decided to make the most of it and sent one to Kate – I for one fully expect the royal baby to sleep in a cardboard box.

In all these articles Finland is painted as a happy land where people roam free, happy and equal. And of course, to a certain extent we have a lot to be thankful for.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not a nation of isolated hermits who mainly grunt. We are. That is just not the image we like to send out. Team Finland for the win and all.

Summa summarum, if you want a short run-down on all things awesome about the Nordic countries, Buzzfeed had a nice summary to offer.

I completely agree with #4.


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