Blogs about Finland

I get a lot of comments from people who want to read about Finland and what it’s really like. And in the true Finnish public service spirit, I now provide you a list of good blogs about Finland I’ve come across.

Life in Finland

The blog describes itself as “Originally started as observations about various curiosities about living in Finland in comparison to my native Canada (northern Ontario), Life in Finland touches on the humourous, the political, the maddening, the strange and so on. I hope to bring you interesting tidbits on life in Finland. It’s always a learning process and it’s been fun let me tell you.”

She must have had a few choice words for me for having already taken her blog’s url. But it’s a vicious cycle, somebody had reserved Way Up North before I got around to starting this blog…

A French girl in Finland

The blog is rather aptly named and aims to share the author’s personal experience as a foreigner living in Finland. It’s written in both English and French.

Finnish from Afar

The author doesn’t live in Finland but has some weird fascination with the language and the country…

So happy reading!


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