Mating rituals

Seeing as I’ve now somewhat come into terms (not really though) with the fact I’ll make Finland my country of residence permanently, I’ve also resigned to the fact I’ll probably need to snatch myself a Finnish guy (still, highly unlikely).

But how does one do it?

From all of my posts, it should be pretty apparent what I think of our social skills. If talking to strangers is seen as weird, there’s no small talk and your personal space is the size of a hockey field, how do we flirt or show interest?

Suffice to say internet dating is very successful in Finland.

But I for one don’t want to go down that route. I’ll do it the traditional way. I’ll scour through my entire social circle, pin down a candidate and do some prep work. No matter what’s your preferred method, it will always come down to two of you getting drunk.


A budding romance in the making?

Alcohol works as a social lubricant. Without it we’re awkward, self-doubting and too critical.

I don’t think I could name a couple I know whose relationship hasn’t somehow involved getting drunk. Obviously it won’t be the story you tell your grandkids or even your friends, but we all know the truth.

People who don’t drink can bond over the fact they don’t so it’s still there.

A Finnish friend of mine read a book on how to marry a Finnish girl. Apparently the author’s advice is to get drunk. That’s the gist of it. And I agree.

In its simplicity it’s quite beautiful. Get intoxicated, find a partner et voilá!

The real problem for me lies in finding a guy. For whatever reason, I’ve never quite figured where all the men in Finland are. They all just suddenly turn up as my friends’ boyfriends.


One thought on “Mating rituals

  1. Great blog! I am an American student (though non-traditional … I’m in my mid 30s … back for mid-career graduate school) and getting ready for two week quick study abroad trip to Finland and Sweden this summer and thus poking around for info on Finland on the internet. I must say that your Blog is insightful, entertaining and much more candid and just more fun than any other source I’ve found thus far.

    Also I am of partial Finnish heritage (with a Finnish last name no less) and it is just interesting to me to learn a little more about modern Finnish culture. So please keep up the posts! Thank you!!

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