Practically related

There are 5 389 170 people in Finland (1/11/2011). There’s also a theory that most people are connected through six degrees of separation; meaning that if you’d name a random person anywhere in the world, there’s only a six people separation between you.

Well for Finland that’s more like two.

Whenever I meet a new Finn abroad, I’m almost certain we have mutual acquintances – especially as they’re likely to have lived abroad for a while, hung out with a similar group of people and studied a similar subject.

When I meet Finn in Finland it’s still a similar case. Except there’s a higher chance we’re actually related since my dad has like a 100 cousins, me and my sister have probably hundreds of second cousins we know nothing about.

Whenever there’s a new celebrity in Finland, there’s always someone saying: “Yeah, I went to school with her” or “He’s my cousin’s teacher.”

I’ve met a Finnish girl in Newcastle who happened to be from the same (relatively) small town as I am and who was friends with my cousin. Some Finnish guys got kidnapped in East-Timor years ago, one of them was my classmate’s dad’s boss. One popular artist when we were kids was my friend’s teacher’s husband.

The list goes on forever really. There’s always a connection.

Yesterday it was announced that my awesome friend Anne is going to be the host of the Finnish national Eurovision selection. Today her brother wrote on her facebook-wall that one of the contestants is his boss’ daughter.

It’s a small world. And, by the way, now you all know Finnish celebrities by proxy as well.

But if you thought Finland is close-knit, it’s even worse in Estonia. There everyone really knows each other. Or that’s what it seemed like with my friend Triin.


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