The Finnish mafia

The Finns are very organised, even when we’re abroad. We’ve even made sure we meet other Finns in a very organised manner. Most countries will have their own Finnish expat association or at least a community of Finns that meet on special occasions.

And we’re always excited to see other Finns. Others try to play it cool and ask me why would they want to meet other Finns when they’re abroad but I know secretly they relish the fact we can complain about whatever bugs us in that country and do it in our own little hermit language.

If you pair up two Finns in a party, they’re excited to see each other and will start going through a list of mutual friends. Americans on the other hand will try to hide the fact they’re American and dread the possibility of running into fellow countrymen. The Italians meet another Italian and just think “Oh yey, yet another…”

the Finnish mafia, organised like no other

Here in Brussels I’ve happened to run into a lot of Finns. Now I even work in an almost all-Finnish environment. I take part in events organised by the Finnish Association in Belgium and am a member of my party’s local Brussels branch.

I live with a Finn and whenever I go to a party, it’s likely I’ll bring a long a few of my friends – who might just happen to be Finnish.

This tendency to hang around with Finns prompted my Italian colleague to comment on it and claim that we’re like a Finnish mafia. I thought it had something to do with being a criminal organisation, but he assured me it all starts by knowing each other.

Who knows what we’ll evolve into.


One thought on “The Finnish mafia

  1. Hei,
    I like your blog and I’ve been reading it ever since I moved to Finland. It’s nice to double check my impressions of this country with the thoughts of an insider 🙂
    I recently made this video about Helsinki with my friends. It’s a parody of some “Live the language” videos already available on Vimeo. Do you think you could feature it on here if you like it?


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