Hermit language

When I was in Britain, the fact that I spoke several languages was always met with awe.

Most Finns speak English and Swedish in addition to Finnish. That’s what you get when your country only has 5 million people and a language that’s related to Estonian.

Swedish is a nod to the fact that we have a large Swedish-speaking minority. And the fact that Finland was mostly just a rather wooded suburd of Sweden last millenium.

English is a necessity in the modern world and we’re taught it from a very young age. Most TV-shows are in English (none of that horrible voice-over business) with subtitles. Me and my sister learnt English by watching Cartoon Network.

But today I met a colleague’s son who’s trilingual – he’s fluent in English, French and German. I’d say his languages trump mine. Easily.

Bloody hermit languages…


3 thoughts on “Hermit language

  1. Three is nothing 🙂 I know someone who speaks six: three of them fluently (German, English, Portugeese) and next three on a good level (French, Spanish, Dutch). Wish I could be multilingual from birth…

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