Finnish moment

I was having one of these “nobody-loves-me-and-my-life-is-crap” moments the other day.

I started talking to a friend of mine who is also living abroad. As I was done with my venting and apologising to her that I was lashing it out all on her, she said it’s ok and that we’re allowed to have our Finnish moments.

She’d named this bad day syndrome as a Finnish moment.

It makes sense. As a nation we’re prone to depression. The no-sun thing can get to you and the Finnish thing to do is to look as grumpy as you feel.

Our mutual friend then posted Urban Dictionary’s definition of a Finnish suicide on her facebook wall.

I thought it made sense. The whole Finnish moment is all about wallowing in your misery, venting it all out and feeling like crap.

And my friend was right, we’re all allowed our Finnish moments. Even outside of Finland.


One thought on “Finnish moment

  1. Going through a tough moment is probably just about picking up resilience to endure anything. When you think about it, the summer half of the year you have nothing but light, and the winter half you have warm buildings and all these nice candles…

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