Paperwork is never fun. Every country has their own unique way of doing (=complicating) things.

In the UK, you’re fine as long as you’ve got proof of your address, passport, letter from university that you study there etc. Essentially any kind of paperwork you have, carry it with you.

In the Netherlands it helps the more official the paperwork looks. I, for example, had to have my old British university write my Dutch university a letter proving that I have indeed graduated from there – my degree certificate wasn’t good enough because the vice-chancellor hadn’t hand-written the signature.

Finland is keen on doing everything online which is perfect. They are, however, overly affectionate about forms. You need a form for everything and another form to justify it.

I received a letter yesterday, telling me that according to their files, I’m not entitled to Finnish social security because I hadn’t returned some form.

I wrote back detailing every form I have sent.

I also added that I’d be happy to give them more information or return some more forms because it would be rather nice to be a part of some country’s social security and given that I live in Finland, it would seem like the most logical solution.

I wonder whether they’ll appreciate my sarcasm. I have my doubts.


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