Finnish rap

That’s right. We have rap music in Finland, sung in Finnish.

In the beginning I thought it was a bit of a joke. When a bunch of white kids from Finland try to be all gangsta it just seems so intrinsically wrong.

Also the tendency to rhyme doesn’t work well in Finnish – it just sounds rather childish.

So having these well-off middle-class kids rapping about their hard life in what sounds like stanza from an alphabet book, it isn’t really a stairway to heaven.

But here are a few snippets of Finnish hip hop that actually work. Do they work for people who don’t speak Finnish? Me knows not, you tell me.


One thought on “Finnish rap

  1. I have to say that the thing that occurred to me during these years was that the Finnish rappers who take the thing way too seriously are the ones that come out as annoying pretentious wanksters. Such as Fintelligens.

    Then there’s the other scene, the guys who actually do it way wrong and still so right by taking their style way off, e.g. Edu Kehäkettunen, MC Taakibörsta, Stig Dogg, Raimo and so on. On the other side there’s guys like Niko & Tapsa who keep their spirit on the ground, instead of boasting with arrogance and bling bling and shit. MC Taakibörsta Raimo Niko ja Tapsa

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