Now here’s something I could have never talked about in my UK-EU blog: love.

Pedantic as I am, I’m more concerned about the word and usage rather than the concept so fear not – this is not a romance novel.

I was trying out Google Translate which I often find has rather peculiar Finnish translations. I took my current facebook status “mä tykkään. Ihan kaikesta” into English and it came up with “I just love it. Just everything.”

Now the problem with this is that tykätä translates to like rather than love. But Finns use like a lot more often than love.

“I love you” might be the big turning point in a relationship when communicating in English. But in Finnish saying that “I like you” is already a major threshold and perfectly acceptable.

You like a facebook status and love a person - unless you're Finnish

I rarely hear anyone use the phrase “mä rakastan sua.

Maybe it’s because it’s such a long word – people can be lazy like that. Or maybe I just happen to be surrounded by very cold, unloving people.


4 thoughts on “Love

  1. Why so synical, Mia! I hear “minä rakastan sinua” practically every day and say it too. The Finnish version feels genuine and personal, unlike “I love you” which is such an overused phrase…

  2. You’re not surrounded by cold people. Nobody says these things, not even to your family. But we know the love is there – so no worries.

  3. Mia you need to learn to ‘read between the lines’. I think talking about emotions and saying things out loud is not really a Nordic thing.

  4. I just found your blog and as a fellow Finnish expat, it makes me laugh about all of the things you’ve written about (in a good way!) because it’s so true. But the whole “minä rakastan sinua” just sounds so harsh in comparison to “I love you.” But Finns also don’t really express emotions much, so I don’t know..

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