Music: Life sucks but we’re ok with it

I know very little about music. There are songs that I like but more songs that I don’t. I can’t sing for the life of me and my parents were wise enough never to try and make me play an instrument.

So I won’t even try to comment on the quality of Finnish music. Chords, melodies and any other finesse they may contain completely escapes me.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects to Finnish music that I think are quite unique. First one being the sadness of it all.

The drive back home from the airport is always an experience because of the songs played on the radio. After being gone for a while you forget what it’s like and how melancholic the music actually is. By the time we get home, I’m ready to cry myself to sleep.

It’s not just a few folksy crowd pleasers with a bit of melancholy but Finnish music in general.

Songs that regularly play on the radio seem to compete in who can better combine sad music with even more depressing lyrics.

You would imagine that in a country where it’s rather cold, dark and damp for the most part of the year, people would like to lighten up a bit but nope, that is not the Finnish way.

Listening to these songs and their lyrics it’s no wonder there are so many alcoholics, surely these would make anyone reach for the closest bottle of vodka.

Now I probably missed tons of good examples so I’d love it if you could add your favourites. Here are a few I came up with

Yö’s Joutsenlaulu is a prime example. Translation of the lyrics is visible on the YouTube page

Anna Närhi’s Jää mun luo (the jaybird is because her name means Jay in Finnish) is an example of Finnish pop music


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