Now where is Finland?

Being a Finnish expat is, most of the time, wonderful.

There’s never any trouble crossing borders – just a flash my Finnish passport and a look of boredom will appear on the Customs official’s face as they see it’s only another boring Finn. Once on a train from Belgium to the Netherlands border patrol was about to give me a hard time for not having my passport with me but then they saw my Finnish driver’s license and literally said: “Oh, Finland, it’s ok!”

Sometimes, however, my country’s modest existence exhibits itself in people having no clue as to where it is.

The British are particularly bad at this. I put on my best British accent during my first year of university in Newcastle to avoid the dreaded inevitable question: “Where are you from?”

Because that, my friends, is a conversation killer if I’ve ever seen one.

Answer Finland and you’ll get one of the two responses: “Oh. That’s nice” and the person walks away.

Or: “So, how’s that like?” To which I answer one these: “Nice/Cold/Why do you think I’m here now?” which also ends up in the person walking away.

I’m sure some of my more sarcastic responses have resulted in people walking away thinking it’s a freezing tundra where polar bears roam free.

A Danish friend of mine, however, started singing this song


5 thoughts on “Now where is Finland?

  1. At least you don’t get mixed up with the likes of Australia or Spain (Spania) .. does sound quite like ‘Estonia’ doesn’t it? Anyway I like you Finns, you eat salmon and you have the coolest nickname ever (Poro) and our good words are your bad words. Ah. Kiva.

  2. You covered up your Finnish accent? I quite like the Finnish accent, actually. I refrain from saying that too often, because it draws funny looks for some reason (yet since I’m Irish it seems perfectly acceptable for people to comment on my accent and nobody thinks that’s weird…).

    The song’s great!

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